In a fast moving world the speed and efficiency of business communications Internet Protocol technology is at the forefront of delivering these requirements.

The ideal combination and deployment of an IP convergent network require integration of network elements.

Outsource Telecoms is the leader in partnering to deliver the systems and expertise needed by many companies.

telephoneBy offering a wide range of high quality and affordable solutions, Outsource Telecoms has an outstanding record of helping companies identify affordable solutions to their communication needs while presenting extremely high cost savings that amortize the investment over a very short period of time, often showing immediate payback.
The OfficeServ 7000 Series from Samsung

Has a comprehensive range of features and functionality that offers an affordable solution for any size organization.

Comes in five variants from the entry level 7030 through 7400 (up to 30, 000 extensions) and makes the deployment of unified communications simple.

Each offers powerful voice messaging capability including a large capacity recording as well the ability to connect your voice message to email and send to your inbox.

High end applications facilitate group mailboxes, personal auto attendants and Q&A mailboxes
Install and manage your remote sites without leaving your office.